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Backless Shoes

Backless Shoes

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"Step up your shoe game with these Mid Heel Shoes. These shoes will elevate any outfit (literally!) with their perfect heel height. Comfortable yet stylish, these shoes are a must-have for any fashion-forward individual."[Style]: Korean fashion

[Upper material]: Cloth

[Production process]: pure hand

[Color]: Grid

[Size]: 34 35 36 37 38 39

[Special reminder]: 36 yards shoes are measured, there will be corresponding increase and decrease, there are errors, comfort level

 size  34  35 36   37  38 39  40 
 Foot length  220  225  230  235  240  245  250

The right measurement method
1. Prepare a blank sheet of paper. A standard scale;
2. Please flatten your feet on the flat white paper and use your pen to point out the heel and the longest toes.
Take the vertical distance between the two points as the correct foot length (see the right picture for details);
3. If there is a slight gap between the left and right foot lengths, the larger foot should be used as the measurement standard;
4. The measured data should be roughly the same as the size of the wearer. If there is a large deviation,
The measurement method is incorrect or the data is not accurate enough.

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